Past Projects

Media Diversity Institute works on projects that promote media and information literacy, better representation of minority groups in the media and combat disinformation around the world.

Dune Voices: Bringing the Voices of the Sahara into the Public Sphere

Dune Voices is a multimedia platform set up by MDI to gather, train, and mentor local journalists committed to reporting on stories from the Saharan regions of Algeria, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. Dune Voices specialises in providing reliable, in depth, well investigated stories covering topics such as: smuggling, border control/movement, trafficking and organised crime; refugees and population movements; human rights; isolation and marginalisation from decision-making; nomadic perspectives as contrasted to settled ones and ethnic tensions; conflict, armed groups...

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Algeria: Inclusive Media For An Inclusive Society

Working with media outlets and journalists, civil society organisations and journalism academics and students, this project will support youth and other marginalised groups in Algerian society to make their voices heard in the mainstream media.  Through capacity building, awareness-raising and commissioning of media products, the project will increase the diversity of stories, opinions and voices in the Algerian media, contributing to a more open, inclusive and accountable society. Key Project Activities: Roundtable debates & conferences that address the importance of...

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