CIVIS Media Prize: Migration, Integration and Cultural Diversity.

The CIVIS MEDIA PRIZE 2020 is now accepting submissions.

European programmes exploring the topics of migration, integration and cultural diversity are invited to enter.

A new addition to the 2020 competition is the topic of democratic culture – with a particular focus on the fault lines of an integrative society, the media representation of socially neglected groups, growing inequality or the failure to accept the immigration society as a given.

CIVIS again recognizes the best programme contributions in film, television, radio and the Internet, which are particularly suitable for the promotion of the peaceful coexistence of people of different geographic or cultural backgrounds.

CIVIS is also concerned with the further development of our democratic, integrative and culturally diverse society. CIVIS is taking a stand against authoritarian, nationalist developments: against racism, discrimination, and xenophobia. 

By awarding prizes to exemplary programmes, journalists and media professionals are encouraged to present the reality of life in the immigration society in all their programmes, without denying its conflicts. It is about equivalence, recognition and participation in social opportunities, regardless of national, ethnic or religious origin. The price structure of the CIVIS Media Awards 2020 is even more clearly assigned to the AUDIO and VIDEO segments.

Please find our conditions of participation online at:

Your registration for the competition must be made online

Invitation to the competition as download:

Nenad Radoja

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